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Our portable dog car ramps let your older or recovering dog get in and out of your car or ute tray with ease – helping you to take care of your furry pal’s joints. Dog ramps for cars can also be used for younger, healthy dogs as a preventative measure to reduce strain on their joints from the shock of regularly jumping in and out of your car or ute.
Crafted from the highest grade of marine alloy . Our dog car ramps suit all popular makes and models of vehicles including Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi & Mazdas – and also feature grippy, non-slip surfaces, and either foldable or telescopic designs, allowing you to transport and store your dog car ramp with ease. With 90 & 110kg capacities, Oz Loading Ramps’ dog ramps for utes & cars are suitable for even the largest of breeds.

How To Choose a Dog Ramp For Your Vehicle

When choosing a ramp to help your dog get into and out of your car, there’s a number of important things to consider to ensure the safety and comfort for yourself and your pooch.

Ramp Length – The height of your vehicle will determine the steepness of the slope of your dog car ramp. Purchasing a ramp that’s too short will lead to a steep incline or decline for your dog to navigate safely. Our dog car ramps range from 1.8m to 2m providing a gentle angle for cars and utes of all sizes with convenient folding or telescopic designs to ensure they’re easy to transport and store.

Ramp Weight Capacity – If you’ve got a larger 4 legged canine, ensure you purchase a sturdy dog car ramps that can comfortable hold their weight. Our dog car ramps are made from strong but lightweight marine grade aluminium and are able to safety handle dogs of all sizes.

Non Slip Surface – Our dog car ramps all feature grippy, non-slip surfaces ensuring your pup can easily climb in and out of your ute or car even with wet / muddy paws.