Australia’s best selection of removalist loading ramps. Able to support loads of 270kg, our walk up ramps are available in a range of lengths to accommodate all types of loading scenarios. Reliable, high quality, corrosion free ramps.


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Choosing The Right Truck Walk Up Ramps For Your Removalist Business

If you’re running a removalist business, you’ll know how important a dependable, stable and compact set of walk up ramps are. The last thing you want is for damages and breakages to occur due to a ramp failure.

The best walk up ramps for your business will depend largely on the type of cargo you’re typically loading and unloading, however there’s a few common things that all quality removalists ramps have in common including:

  •  Locking Pins – having your walk up ramps shift whilst you’re loading your truck is very dangerous – be sure to look for ramps that have locking pins to secure the ramp in place.
  •  Safety Rails – if your vision is often obstructured when loading large items into your truck, it’s very important to look for a set of walk up ramps that feature safety rails to prevent your trolley wheels from slipping over the edge.
  •  Compact Design – With space at an absolute premium in your removalist truck, you’ll want to look for a set of lightweight, folding walk up ramps that can be easily stowed up and out of the way of your cargo.
  •  Weight Capacity – Be sure to look for ramps with a high enough weight rating to hold not only your heaviest of items, but your weight as well.
  • Loading Angle – If you’re loading heavier items, go for the longest set of walk up ramps you can fit in your truck. This will decrease the steepness of the loading angle and make your life much easier.