Portable Wheelchair Ramps 

Portable wheelchair ramps give easy access to places without regular wheelchair access.
Crafted from the highest grade of marine alloy – OZ Loading Ramps are the industry standard ramps you can be sure will last.
All of our mobility access ramps feature safety rails, fold-away design for easier storage and are load rated to 270kg.
Shop our quality range of portable wheelchair ramps online for fast delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and all other areas in Australia. 


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Temporary Access Ramps For Wheelchairs

Whilst it is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act that public places in Australia including shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and office buildings are accessible for people with disabilities – unfortunately, as a carer of a wheelchair user, there’s still scenarios where you may experience difficulties accessing premises due to stairs and other obstacles in private residential settings. Portable wheelchair ramps can also be useful for rental properties where permanent access modifications aren’t feasible and a temporary wheelchair ramp is needed. 

Our range of portable mobility ramps are available in a range of designs and weight capacities to suit a variety of applications, including both manual and powered wheelchairs, and many popular models of mobility scooters (weight limit dependent). With your choice of folding or telescopic designs, our portable wheelchair ramps are easily stored in your vehicle without taking up too much space and their lightweight aluminium construction makes setting up and packing away easy.

Featuring safety rails and locking pins, our portable wheelchair ramps provide safe and easy loading and unloading of wheelchairs from vehicles and over thresholds such as doorways and small stair cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are wheelchair ramps?

Our portable wheelchair ramps start from $139.95 including free delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & most other capital cities and major towns. 

How wide does a wheelchair ramp need to be?

Our portable wheelchair ramps have a standard width of 680mm – enough to safetly load a standard sized wheelchair.

Are your wheelchair ramps suitable for electric wheelchairs?

With a weight capacity of 270kg, our wheelchair portable wheelchair ramps can comfortable accommodate the combined weight of most electric wheelchairs – although please check your manufacturers specifications if you’re unsure. 

Where can portable wheelchair ramps be used?

Our customers use our portable wheelchair ramps in a variety of scenarios including small stairs, thresholds and loading into vans.